Tenant Improvements

What constitutes a Tenant Improvement? Most people think of offices. For Carden Sprinkler Company, any device or structure required by the tenant to successfully operate their business is a Tenant Improvement. This runs the gamut from conveyors and sorting equipment to Pic Modules and coolers and freezers.  While we provide fire protection consulting services for the individual investor, many of our clients have fire protection consultants that understand their unique needs or insurance requirements and will create the job specifications to be met. Either way, Carden is ready to provide solutions.

Tenant improvements vary substantially depending on the needs of that business and can vary widely for similar businesses. For example, pick modules for Nordstrom’s differ substantially from those used by Caleres Clothing company and again are nothing like the spectacular multi-level buildings housing an Amazon Fulfillment Center. While on paper it may appear to serve the same purpose, the same tenant improvement for one company may look quite different for another. Carden gets that and will work diligently to meet your requirements.

Here is a partial list of Tenant Improvements that we have provided. Each project includes all fire-sprinkler buildouts required for the operations of the tenant.

  • Offices, mezzanines for mixed use or two-story offices
  • Racking for product storage
  • Pick Modules, normally multi story for hand picking and packaging
  • Conveyor systems
  • Package sorting machines
  • Automatic pallet loading or unloading equipment
  • Bottle filling and labeling machines
  • Coolers / Freezers or special production rooms
  • Product sanitizing equipment
  • Mechanical Platforms
  • Automated High-Density Storage Rack systems
  • Spray Paint Booths
  • Low expansion foam systems for flammable liquid storage
  • AFFF high expansion foam systems for aircraft hangers


For information about other sample projects, please see our projects page or call one of our representatives.