Design and Build

What informs our design process? To date, Carden has completed over 8,000 commercial fire sprinkler projects, all in regulatory compliance. Our seasoned professionals have encountered many different challenges — from accelerated schedules to complex code and access challenges. We will never try to sell you what you don’t need, but we may recommend a better long-term solution and show its advantages. We research what code requires and recheck our engineering specs to make sure the calculations are accurate and the NPFA requirements are met or exceeded.

Experience, engineering expertise, and thoroughness inform the Carden design process.

Our design-and-build solutions encompass office high-rises, medical facilities, factory warehouses, shipping and distribution facilities, and many other commercial structures. We have designed solutions for Fender Guitars, Amazon, Warner Brothers, Proctor & Gamble, M&M Mars, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Rubbermaid and Karma Automotive, to name a few.

Carden approaches each commercial development project based on the characteristics of the structure, the intended use and long-term viability of the level of fire protection provided. A high-rise office building in downtown Los Angeles requires a different approach from a large factory warehouse in the City of Industry or a City of Hope Medical facility. And while it may seem like every warehouse will have much the same design solution, we often see variations. In our philosophy, every job demands a unique and custom approach.

Fire sprinkler systems have to be solved at the design level. Engineers, project managers, designers and field crews work in unison to find and implement custom design methods, permitting, scheduling, fabrication and installation. Experience counts. In California, we have seen fire challenges increase every year.  You should feel confident that you can depend on your fire sprinkler system working, the first time and every time. A Carden design will be dependable and long lasting.